Hauger Chiropractic

Hauger Chiropractic is now Compass Family Chiropractic

Dr. Donald Hauger passed away in 2013 after 40 years of serving his community of patients in Dunwoody, GA. He left his practice in the care of Dr. Anne-Marie Campbell and it is now grown into what is Compass Family Chiropractic.

God Bless Dr. Donald Hauger

Donald Hauger served the Dunwoody, GA community for 40 years with his passion for healing and gentle touch.  Dr. Hauger passed away in 2013. The practice Dr. Donald Hauger loved so much and poured his heart into is now grown into Compass Family Chiropractic. Below is a note from Compass Family Chiropractic’s Anne-Marie Campbell.

Open Letter to all Hauger Chiropractic patients

February 2014

It is a pleasure to sit down to think of you and write this note.  My name is Dr. Anne-Marie Campbell. The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as your Chiropractor, update you in regards to Dr. Donald Hauger’s recent news and lastly, request an update in your records.

Firstly, it deeply saddens me to inform you of Dr. Donald Hauger’s passing in 2013. The Hauger family & the practice members of Hauger Chiropractic Center lost someone very special. Dr. Hauger was an amazing man, who lived for his family & practice. I consider myself to be extremely blessed as I have the opportunity to continue the legacy of Dr. Hauger through Compass Family Chiropractic.

While I sit down to think of what to say about Dr. Donald Hauger, I know that my words cannot even begin to express what an amazing man he was. I know that he touched many lives, and that he committed his life to serving humanity through his work as a chiropractor. I feel honored that Rochelle Hauger and Dr. Hauger’s sons have trusted me to carry on the gentle care of such an incredible doctor.  The Hauger family truly believes and entrusts me to continue providing the utmost care for you and your family at our office.

Lastly, upon stopping care, it is possible that you may have done a superb job in maintaining home exercises/protocols for your spinal hygiene. It is also possible that you may have done absolutely nothing from the trainings that you engaged in while receiving care at Hauger Chiropractic Center.

Then, of course, there are shades of gray in between. With this letter, we are hopeful to update your records, and define to what extent have you been keeping up with any of your spinal hygiene curriculum.  Healthcare reform has proven that some of the most basic activities can render a tremendous compounding benefit to our lives and our bodies. Sometimes, it is the simple things which are most easily overlooked and can provide us with many of the most profound benefits.

I am taking the time to place a brief call to each and every one of you. I will have your records available so we can check off what it is that you have been doing at home. This will take just a moment of your time.

For the patients of Hauger Chiropractic Center who I have not yet had the opportunity to meet, I look forward to serving you and your families and providing comprehensive, high quality chiropractic care. Please call the office to schedule your complimentary consultation and assessment and don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have! I’m here to serve!

Thank You.

Warm and genuine regards,

Dr. Anne-Marie Campbell