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Chiropractic Technique

Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Campbell utilizes Torque Release Technique, which has been proven through research to be the most specific, scientific chiropractic technique in the world. Torque Release Technology allows the spine to be adjusted in a neutral position with specificity and the perfect amount of force. This provides practice members of all ages with the most gentle and reproducible chiropractic adjustments available today.

Torque Release Technique, developed out of scientific research, is the first chiropractic technique of the new millennium. Torque Release Technique, which was designed as part of scientific research of the vast health benefits of chiropractic, is a mixture of the ”best-of-the-best” systems of chiropractic assessment and care. Research published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals showed dramatically increased success in reducing anxiety and depression levels, and improved measurements of well-being, when Torque Release Technique Chiropractic Adjustments were received.

“TRT is based upon what D.D. and B.J. intended – that we have innate and genetic potential and that the subluxation interferes with this expression. TRT is a tonal technique based on constant never ending improvement.”

Matthew McCoy, D.C.
Director of Resarch Life University,
Chief Editor of Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research; VP of Council of Chiropractic Practice