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Here's a few testimonials from our patients. Let us know if you'd like to submit a review and we'll be happy to post it here.
  • really capable chiropractor

    If you are in the need of really capable chiropractor who can properly diagnose your problem and give you lasting relief, I highly recommend Dr. Anne-Marie Campbell. Looking forward for my next visit!

    Richard R., Patient

  • Dunwoody Chiropractor reviews

    I came to Dr. Campbell because I suffered from classical migraines and debilitating vertigo. I had been to many doctors for my migraines & vertigo and their solutions were just prescriptions that made me disoriented and unable to work. Dr. Campbell worked with me in the beginning 3 times a week and reduced my migraines from every day to once a week. She took the time to do a thorough examination to help address exactly what my chiropractic needs were and she had great determination to reduce my problem. She also helped me with my vertigo; it had gotten to the point where I could not even drive myself. She showed me a technique and worked with me and I have not had vertigo since she has been working with me. My coworkers were noticing such a difference in me that they began to start seeing Dr. Campbell for their chiropractic needs. She has definitely made a life changing impact on my life and I am forever grateful to her.

    Jennifer A., Patient

  • Dunwoody Chiropractor reviews

    I had been having upper back pain for 8 months before I finally decided to speak up and ask Dr. Campbell if she take a look. I'm not normally one to go see the doctor but my pain was reaching a point that required me to change certain everyday activities. Within minutes of describing my back pain to Compass Family Chiropractic's top chiropractor (Anne-Marie Campbell) I was on the table getting the attention I needed. Dr. Campbell adjusted me and recommended I come back for a follow up visit if needed. I felt better right away and walked out of there with less back pain than I had felt in months. It was as if my upper back pain disappeared. My only regret was not calling Compass's chiropractic team sooner! Thank you for your time and gentle care, Mark

    Mark S., Patient

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